Creamy Tropical Lime Popsicles

These popsicles are a perfectly refreshing treat that can seamlessly replace any sugar-laden “fruit” pop you can find at the store. They are simple to make and you can easily [...]


Homemade Elderberry Syrup

Elderberries are full of antioxidants and have amazing immune-boosting properties. This syrup can be used daily for cold and flu prevention as well as to treat a cold or flu. [...]


Golden Milk Latte

On a recent Facebook Live video I stepped a little out of my comfort zone and whipped up a Golden Milk Latte! I had never made anything live on Facebook [...]


Homemade Fruit Snack Gummies

Homemade gelatin gummies are all the rage. These are a great Halloween ‘candy’ alternative to all the sugar-laden, processed candy that we will be tempted by in a couple weeks. [...]


Zippy Curry Squash Soup

As we move into the fall season, at least in the north-western hemisphere, it’s always so comforting to start eating more warming foods. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is [...]


Jicama and Apple Spinach Salad

We are just hitting the early part of apple-picking season, so today’s salad recipe puts a spotlight on apples and a complimentary crunchy root veg, jicama (pronounced hee-kah-ma). A recipe [...]


Fudgy brownies

Fudgy brownies (they’re gluten free and paleo but ‘shhhhhh’…. no one will ever know) My husband LOVES brownies so I decided this Father’s Day to make him brownies for dessert. [...]